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Sepcial Promotion


Shanxi Research Institute for Clean Energy Tsinghua University becomes a member of Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), now incorporating OpenFog.
Shanxi Research Institute for Clean Energy Tsinghua University, abbreviated as SICE, is located in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. SICE is established by Shanxi Provincial People's Government and Tsinghua University on Jul, 2015. The Research areas of SICE include Clean Energy, Advanced Equipment Manufacturing, New Energy, Advanced Materials, Pollutant Control, Biological Medicine, Information Technology, New Energy Vehicles, Modern Coal Chemical Industry, Enterprise Incubation, Test and Certify. SICE has the world's leading technology in the field of energy, especially coal gasification. Gasification Technology for Co-production of Syngas and Steam (Jinhua Gasifier) has been identified as the world's leading technology in 2017. Joining IIC is a good opportunity to integrate the Industrial Internet with the Energy Industry.
Industrial Internet is a new research area of SICE. SICE has established the Industrial Internet Research Center and will carry out industry-university-research cooperation in the field of Industrial Internet with the help of the universities, the scientific research institutions, the enterprises and IIC. SICE has formed their own scientific research results in the field of Internet of Things, big data, advanced manufacturing and other fields, including IoT devices centralized management platform, remote VPN management platform, distributed big data real-time computing system, big data governance system, big data sharing and exchange cloud platform, self-learning AGV control scheduling system, manufacturing workshop production execution system, etc.
“We are thrilled to have Shanxi Research Institute for Clean Energy Tsinghua University as a member of the IIC,” said Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director, IIC. “We look forward their industry expertise as we work together to further the adoption of IIoT in energy and other industries.”
In future, we will deepen the cooperation with domestic manufacturing and other industries, and actively participate in the development of local industry in various fields of professional standards. In the fields of network layer communication technology practice of Industrial Internet, and innovative application of manufacturing based on edge computing, we will also have the development continuously. SICE will also cooperate with leading enterprises in relevant fields to explore a variety of Industrial Internet networks and technologies.
Joining IIC will bring us a broader vision and opportunities to communicate with more international organizations in various research fields of Industrial Internet. We hope to contribute to the upgrading of Industrial Internet technology to industrial intelligent manufacturing. We also hope that our participation can provide more voices from China for IIC members and find more value points of cooperation.

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